Baptism 2018

At Rock 7-5, baptisms are a great celebration! In March this year it was no exception as we gathered together to celebrate the exciting decision of 13 believers. The whole church, as well as family and friends, were invited to attend the baptisms at the house of one of our church members, and it was a great turn out. Submerged in the pool together, in anticipation we all prayed, laughed and cried joyful tears as people washed away their old lives and made a public declaration of their new lives in Christ. For those being baptised, and for those watching, an overwhelming sense of Gods presence, love and complete joy was experienced all around. It was truly an experience to be had and one that won’t be forgotten.

There is no ‘right way’ to experience a baptism. We saw the Lord touch each person in a unique and personal way, just as each persons walk with the Lord is unique and personal. Some people came out of the water with happy tears rolling down their cheeks, others came up in an eruption of laughter. Some experience a tangible difference, feeling strongholds and bondages broken in the moment, others experience a quiet and peaceful calm and knowing within them that their lives are changed forever. And every experience is beautiful. 

After the baptism each person was awarded a baptism certificate to remember the special day they made that decision for the Lord. We celebrated together with an afternoon of feasting and swimming. Everyone brought along a dish (or two) and we cooked up the barbecue of all barbecues, enjoyed delicious desserts, and at the end there was still enough left over to feed the 5000! Giant inflatable sharks and turtles were put to the test as bundles of adults were heaped on top of them. Tug-o-wars and noodle fights provided plenty of laughter. The adults got attacked by the kids, and the kids by the adults. Everyone was included and a real sense of ‘family’ was felt that day. 

Every person walked away that day feeling God’s love and grace in a new way – to be honest, it felt like we had all been baptised again! It was that powerful. 

We can’t wait for our next baptism. If you would like to know more about baptisms or are ready to make that exciting decision, please feel free to get in contact with us, as we’d love to be a part of the journey for you.