All The Glory To God
After receiving a revelation of the Holy Communion, a skin growth on my nose completely died and disappeared for good.  I also had a lump, which was protruding on my back and had a black spot on it.  After receiving a revelation of how much God loves me, the black spot totally disappeared and the lump has now three quarters dissolved and continues to shrink. Hallelujah!
I give all the praise and glory to God for this miracle healing and thank Rock 7-5 Church for preaching the gospel of grace which has changed my life.
– Jackie – 

Healing During Service
While worshipping the Lord during the Sunday morning service, l felt 2 drops of rain on my right arm, then 2 drops of rain on my left arm, then on my legs. I knew the Lord was up to something as the anointing was so strong that morning, then suddenly, as quick as a blink, I felt a force hit my face, like a strong wind, l heard and felt my neck bones being realigned and as quick as that l was healed.
I was not even praying for a healing for my neck, it was just something I was used to living with, yet our Lord Jesus healed me anyway.
Jesus IS ALIVE in Rock 7-5 and He is doing marvellous things.
– Karen –

First Impressions
As soon as we walked through the door [of Rock 7-5 Church] I looked at your people, they were all serving. They had a joy on their face, they had something in their heart. I’ve never, ever walked into a church before & seen that on so many people. We help people & look after people in care, but the people in your church are absolutely amazing. 
– Linda –

Family Restoration 
This time last year, the Lord reunited me with certain members of my family that I had no contact with for 20 years and restored our relationship. On top of that, I received an inheritance from that side of the family which I had no knowledge about. All praise be to Jesus!
– Cody –

Supernatural Debt Cancellation
I had a loan over a nine year period and still had over $5500 to pay off. When I moved interstate as a single mother, I had to put it on hold, as I couldn’t afford the repayments at that time.  This meant the loan amount increased back up to $6500.  In February this year, I received an email from the bank informing me that the whole amount has been paid out in full and I no longer have a loan with them! Praise Jesus for His supernatural provision and supply!
– Tina –

Prospering In An Economic Downturn
Since the COVID 19 virus began, we’ve had so many financial blessings flooding in!
We had a couple of caravan spaces for rent on our property that were empty for months, but because of the virus, people needed to bring their caravans back into the state before the borders closed and we’ve been able to rent the spaces and receive an income where we weren’t before.
We also had a property on airbnb, but due to the virus, we could no longer list it, but instead, now have full time tenants in the property which has increased our monthly income.
Also, an outstanding loan owed to us, of which we had received no payments from for 2 years, all of a sudden, started paying again after the virus had started!
God is good, we prosper when there is an economic downturn!
– Nigel & Sarah –

Blessing in the Midst of Famine
In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, I received a pay rise so I’ll be working less for more money!  Praise Jesus! 
– Lainie – 

Shining Bright
Hi, I walk past your church every Sunday morning at Paradise Point and you guys sound amazing when you sing!  You all look like you’re having so much fun.  Keep up the singing, it makes my Sunday morning walk to work a little brighter.
– Sally –

Financial Blessing in the Workplace
The Lord blessed me in my workplace.  I received a pay rise, backpay, and double time and a half for a public holiday I worked, all at the same time! A blessing from the Lord, all glory to Him! Thank You Jesus!
– Katie –

Financial Blessing
Completely out of the blue, after my Pastors preached about supernatural financial increase happening in people’s lives this year, I received an email from the Taxation Office informing me they were refunding some unclaimed superannuation into my bank account! Thank You Jesus!
– Lisa –

Mind Renewal
Whilst listening to a message by Pastor Joseph Prince titled “Hesed Wisdom”, I sensed an inner transformation taking place without any effort on my part. I literally experienced synapsis in my mind whilst listening to the grace message. There was a continual popping and churning in my head for about two minutes.  Inner change occurred suddenly and what was in my mind from my new age days was removed and replaced by the truth.  Hearing the messages preached weekly at Rock 7-5 Church is continuing to transform me from the inside out, without any effort from me!  That is the power of amazing grace.
– Jackie – 

Exceedingly, Abundantly Blessed!
My wife and I recently put our home on the market so we could downsize.  After 3 and a half months, we had 2 contracts fail to got through. During this time, we also put forward 2 contracts for 2 different homes that we had to withdraw from. After much praying, we realised that what we had been doing was not of God, but self effort.  We both said, “Lord we can’t, but You can”, and left it to Him. Within a week, our home had sold and we have purchased a brand new home far above and beyond what we could have ever believed.  We couldn’t, but He could!  We are exceedingly, abundantly blessed.  Praise The Lord.
– David & Debbie –

Grace & Peace
During this year, we have been preaching about God’s amazing provision – Grace & Peace – Arise & Shine, and the rain of God’s favour.  So, in reading several MIRACLE TESTIMONIES from Joseph Prince’s book, “Live The Let Go Life”, I decided to do just that.. let go and let His provision flow.  I spent many hours in His word and praying in the Spirit and I had a revelation of His grace and peace.  That same week, I went to our mailbox and received a letter from my bank.  I thought it was just a usual boring one, so left it on our stairs inside the house for over a week.  Finally, as some people were coming over, I decided to move it and was going to throw it in the bin, however opened it on the way to discover it said, “We have overcharged you with fees over several years (bank royal commission I reckon) and here is a refund cheque for $204. That was a first ever… got that excited, we rushed down to the toy shop to buy our grandson a present… ended up being several presents to the cost of $209!! Oh well.. next please Lordy.. and that provision as often as you like… it’s miracle season!!
– Michael –

The Goodness Of God
I was grinding steel on a Saturday and got a speck of steel in my eye, which can’t be removed by normal means, because it burns into the eyeball and has to be scraped out by a professional (I know this as it’s happened before). I was reluctant to tell my wife as she had to take me to the hospital last time and wait for me.
On Sunday morning when it hadn’t miraculously disappeared over night (as I was hoping it might), I told my wife, but instead of reprimanding me (which is what I deserved for not wearing the appropriate safety wear), she laid her hand on my eye and prayed God would remove it!
I really didn’t have faith for that, instead, I was believing she would have to take me to the hospital after church.
During our corporate prayer time before church I was reminded of my unbelief and then I saw an angel’s wing brush past my eye and thought to myself, “did I just see what I thought I saw?”
I checked my eye and there was no pain.  After church, I had my eye checked by a specialist, I wasn’t really that surprised when he said, “I can see there has been something in your eye but it’s not there now!”
Praise God

Dream Job
I applied for my dream job in May last year & was assured a position, but it didn’t happen.  Nine months later, the boss was chasing me down & I started work in February of this year. The Lord taught me through this, to never give up on your dreams or look at the circumstances because He is always working behind the scenes..
Right place, right time. HALLELUJAH, thank You Jesus.
– Debbie – 

Good News Medical Report
My Grandfather started attending Rock 7-5 Church with my mother and I about 9 months ago and was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate not long after.  Now, only 3 months after it was discovered, it has already shrunk by over 50%!  Praise Jesus!  There is power in hearing the gospel preached!
– Lynette –

Please note, for privacy purposes, names have been changed.

Rock 7-5 Meaning

Rock = “Upon this rock I will build My church”
7 = Perfect & complete work of the cross
5 = Grace: His name is Jesus Christ

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